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Initial Disclosure Document

Who are we ?

Easylease Direct is a trading style of Toomey Leasing Group Ltd, a company which was incorporated in 1969. We are a member of the Toomey Motor Group which has a number of motor dealerships, one of which has been trading since 1938.

What do we offer?

Our Easylease Direct team specialises in providing customers with personal leasing agreements on a large range of motor vehicles. We also offer a part exchange facility where we will purchase a customer’s existing car, settle any outstanding finance, and allow the customer to use any equity to help reduce the monthly price of the new car, and/or simply refund the equity back to the customer. In the event that the price we offer for the customer’s existing car is less than the outstanding finance, the customer will pay the difference to us.

How do we provide our services?

We work with a small number of carefully selected business partners to ensure we offer the most consistent and competitive service to our customers. We operate using an initial payment contribution scheme which allows customers to take delivery of a new vehicle without having to pay any up front monies. Our Easylease Direct team is involved in all aspects of the leasing process, from the initial enquiry right through to arranging delivery and final collection of a customer’s vehicle. During the lease period, we are here to be actively involved in resolving any queries and will always do our best to help find a suitable solution to our customer’s needs, working within the terms set by our business partners. We will try to ensure that we are always dealing with ‘the customer’, and not somebody posing or acting on behalf of the customers unless agreed with the customer.

What are the benefits?

Our personal agreements make it easy and affordable to acquire a brand new vehicle. We calculate a fixed monthly payment based on the vehicle of your choice, your annual mileage requirements and your required minimum leasing period. We only supply brand new vehicles, which unless otherwise stated, will arrive to you with only delivery mileage. We operate a ‘the price you see is the price you pay’ policy and always quote the fully inclusive price so our customers know the exact amount which will be taken from their bank account each month by direct debit. We offer our customers the facility to take an ‘optional maintenance package’ which covers all the routine servicing and replacement tyres for a small fixed monthly payment.

What are the disadvantages?

We require all our customers to have a strong credit rating and therefore require all customers to pass a credit check. We don’t offer any products for people with adverse credit. In the event that a customer needs to end the leasing agreement, there will be a termination charge. Typically, the longer the customer has been in possession of the vehicle, the lower the cost to terminate. We always do everything to help mitigate the customer’s costs. Missed or late monthly payments may have a negative impact on the customer’s credit status. Customers will incur excess mileage charges should they exceed their annual mileage allowance. This is calculated when the vehicle is finally returned. The customer will not be the owner of the vehicle unless they pay all the fixed monthly payments and pay the final option to purchase amount. Although the customer does not own the vehicle, and they make how no intention of owning it in the future, they should be fully aware that they are expected to take good care of the vehicle so that they can return in it a condition suitable for its age and mileage. Customers will also incur charges to repair any damage to the vehicle which falls outside of normal fair wear and tear guidelines. Customer will also be charged should they not service the vehicle in accordance vehicle the manufacturer’s guidelines. We do not offer any finance options for end of contract charges (excess mileage/damage etc) so we advise customers to give careful consideration to their chosen annual mileage and to pay particular attention to the fair wear and tear guide to help avoid any unwelcome costs in the future. Easylease Direct offer an ‘optional maintenance plan’ which covers all the routine servicing and replacement tyres for a fixed monthly payment. 

Cancellation rights

From the point that customers sign all official contractual documentation, they have a period of 14 days to cancel the agreement and not proceed with delivery of a vehicle. Customer’s information and how we use it All customers information provided to us will be strictly for our use and will only be passed to our business partners when absolutely necessary and valid to a particular agreement. Example, providing customer contact details to a logistics firm for the purpose of a new vehicle delivery. Following completion of our online credit application, we will, as instructed, pass customer’s personal information to a maximum of one financial organisation for the purposes of obtaining a credit approval. In the event that there is a requirement to pass customers information to another party, we will seek the necessary approval from the customer. Documentation charges Easylease Direct do not charge documentation or delivery fees.

Who regulates us ?

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are also members of British Vehicle and Leasing Association (BVRLA). How do we make our money? We receive finance commission and additional volume related commission subject to us hitting necessary targets with our suppliers.

What to do if you have a complaint?

Easylease Direct has an internal complaints handling procedure and should customers feel they have not been treated fairly or wish to complain about an aspect of our business, we will respond accordingly and look to settle an issue to our customer’s satisfaction. We value the opportunity to hear our customers views and request that any official complaints be emailed to sales@easyleasedirect.co.uk or put in writing to the following address : Easylease Direct , Sheridan House, 11 Vernon Street, Derby, DE1 1FR Tel : 01332 388087 Fax : 01332 299159