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Please read the fair wear and tear guide by clicking here. Then complete the form below so we can arrange collection of your vehicle:

Vehicle Collection Checklist

Your Contact Address

Your Collection Address

Vehicle Details

We will not arrange collection unless a vehicle has four tyres with legal tread depth

We will re-charge £150+VAT per missed service in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.

We will re-charge £150.00+VAT for a missing spare key

This will allow our collection agent to make a full and fair assessment of your vehicle.
We will re-charge £75.00+VAT to remove pet stains/odours.

To avoid being re-charged, please ensure that you have rectified any issues which fall outside of normal fair wear and tear (as per the guide).
Remember : This does not just apply to external body work, but includes the interior condition together with any missing standard accessories such as parcel shelf.